Thursday, July 22, 2004

it's a small world after all!

*cam best sebut ni. just like those jocks we see on tv before they start a game. ekkeke!!
klakanye laa jadi pompuan.. ekkekeke! (as if i was a male before this!) hohohoho!!
it's funny what people say to you. especially strangers! ekkekeke! 8-} tak tahan.
but to "that guy" who said that "something" to me this morning.. tengkiuuk! that kinda made my day. actually, thanks to all the guys that has ever said "that" lah~ heehee!

okay.. actually i am a bit disappointed and happy at the same time 'coz my only class for today was cancelled! huhaaa!
disappointed 'coz i was needing some good dossage of busuk-ness from this busuk busuk guy but i guess i couldn't. haiihhh~ i don't like laa off-timing! :P

tak sabanyee nak balekk!! huhaaa~!! unlimited hugsss! :x :x nak balek skarang boleh taaaak?  ohh, long weekend means one thing...
CATCHING UP!! huhaaa!!
i better make up for lost times. been promising a get-together for so long, kaaaaaaaaannnnn!!
wahhh!! i am such a late-bloomer that even my past is catching up to me. eeeek! tapi takpe. this is the past that i don't mind visiting anytime at all. :)
(oops! macam tak sedar diri lak kerja menimbun! hahahha!!)
doodle pon macam dah tak sempat. ehh wait, i do have the time to doodle but i don't have the time to color it and upload it. lagi lagi dengan hello yang gilok! grr. but i love doodling!!! :x it may replace my diary anytime, now! ekekekeke!

okay. serius sikit.
something has changed. and now everything changes along. and i mean, EVERYTHING.
and that's the good news, so no worries!
the bad news is, my hands are a bit shaky as i typed this out. i guess i'm still figuring things out. ataupon i just need to get food stuffed down my throat! ekkekeke!!

ohh, susahnyee nak cari lagu tak femes! (accidentally found the lyrics! heehee) ntahntah lagu tak best pon! heehee!

Lies by Save Ferris

Lies, to deceive
Tellin' lies, tellin' lies
I can't believe
Lies, to deceive
So many lies, so many lies
Why do we believe

I've done wrong
I've listened to the wrong advice
I saw something in you once
Now I see it ain't so nice
Trouble is, I believed in you
I was the one who was being fooled
But I won't let it be the same

I won't fall back into your little game of
Lies, that deceive
Your little lies, your little lies
I can't believe
Lies, won't retrieve
The love you lost, the love you lost
When you lost me

You filled my head with untruth
Made me believe that you were you
Fed me lines of make-believe
But this time it's you who'll see
Your lies, won't retrieve
The love you lost, the love you lost
When you lost me

When the situation occurred
You quickly hid behind your words
I opened up my eyes
And soon I realized
That it's too late, my love has turned to hate
And there's nothing left for you
And your lies
Why do we believe


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