Thursday, July 29, 2004

"i've learn how not to care" ?

have i?
hehehe! i say.. yeah! well, at least i'm not "caring" as much as i used to. for once i am really letting things be. :) i guess it just gets easier as you can dettach yourself from that one thing you were so attached to. hehhe!
*taps shoulder*
i'm kinda proud of myself. please feel just as same with me. :)

okaylaa.. bukan tak care langsung kan.. but i haven't been making things BIG have i? unless someone said something about it first. that cannot be helped lah kan, 'coz we were in a conversation and it would be weird if i got quite all of a sudden! ekekkeke!

haa. to encik shahnon,
tengkiu tengkiu tengkiu tengkiu tengkiu!!
i've got the song that i wanted!! woo~hoo!! LOVING IT!!

okay.. gonna take my shower and will spend most of the night somewhere in A2 for our MPD shooting. hope i'll get to do my sketching there 'coz i've been messing around a lot lah! just now i've been helping lily settle her blog skin! ekekkeke! (yeahh.. better do something you really enjoy, 'aight?) hahhahaha!!

dah dah..


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