Wednesday, July 14, 2004

this was what i drew while waiting for that ptptn briefing to start :)

ohh! shahnon described my doodling was like a childish-adult(?)

i've already got a fan of my silly little drawings. he said if i did a comic out of it, he'd surely buy it! hahhahahah!!
maybe i would! :P
well.. one drawing per day laa.. that's what i've been thinking. (macam peyton of one tree hill minus the stripping!)

this is, by the way, me and my mom's chat window. i actually just wanted to show you people how my mom looked when she was younger! ekkeke!! RETRO!!! :))

okay.. here's some conversation i had that i just post so later i can remember about it. :)

boy #1: "bf you main kayu tiga ke?"
respond: "ahhahhahahaha!!!!"

girl #1: "you're seeing someone yourself"
respond: "but i know who i liiiiike!"

girl #2: "maybe he just says that to shut you up"
respond: "adoi, jahatnyeee" :(

should get myself busy like.. RIGHT NOW!


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