Tuesday, July 20, 2004

tickle my funny bone

the difference about me and other people;
i am just going to let that pass me and pretend like i never read that because i hate people commenting on what i feel when i felt it. ha-ha-ha! funny gits.
anyways! it had been a long night, watching the rest of my group members did the shooting for our title sequence. abang besa! :P i woke up amazingly early today despite i only had less than 4 hours of sleep. (entah kenape my body-clock wouldn't wait for my alarm)
went to class after skipping 3 classes of human factors + interface design last week. o yeah, i am such a lazy cow! moo~ (seems like i've been 'caring' too much about lame things that eventually bring me down)
so heyy, i better stop caring if everyone else has stopped as well, 'aight? :)
i'd like to see you start, once in a while. if not.. then biarkanlah it all wasted! simple.
mr khong said something rather interesting in class today.
funny how what i want right now is a getaway.. a trip! but then we're getting something different and quite unexpected! well, at least i didn't expect that! ekekeke! but i'm anticipating all the same! :))
ohh, i think i am back to cursing uncontrollably, and i am un-trusting the people that i should. beautiful! :)


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