Monday, August 16, 2004

dah demam?

i think i am coming with a fever.
*giggle giggle*
real fever.. getting a bit of chills and dizziness..
and i am missing zahid? wahhahahahhaha!! ya allah.. sudah sudah laa wanieee!!! (but i can't help it!!!) benci seihh AF dah abes! i want to see more of zahid!!! huwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! :((

had internet application's paper this afternoon and i think i did.. well.. i don't know how i did but i get to answer most of them. entahlaa betul ke salah.. but there were things i get to bantai, at least! :))
funny.. i thought only geminis are gamblers! huhuu.
ohh.. i practically didn't read any of the notes, so if i get horrible grades - it explains!

okay.. that's all..!
don't feel like sharing anything else.
have a good week everyone!


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