Tuesday, August 17, 2004

eternal sunshine of the spotless mind

hope i get the title right.

that was a good movie.
though i hated jim carrey and don't really favor kate winslet, but the storyline was amazing i think! it was very.. different!
and i guess what touched me most 'coz the whole story was on memories, and i don't know.. it was touching!
(and it's probably an adaptation from a book of some other language 'coz the names are un-english-ly. huhuuu! what sort of word laa i am using!)

you know how i always wish that i can erase people out so i won't remember anything that relates to them, whether it be a happy thought or sad thoughts?
well.. i am having doubts now.. heehee!

just see the movie! it's good. :)

i've said what i needed to say..
and you don't have to say anything in return.
i am not asking you to.


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