Friday, August 06, 2004

heart attack!

okay, i guess that was a bit over-reaction. :P

lets start from the beginning.
9pm lily came home saying, "lets go play pool!!" we didn't even mind if we had to go ourselves but heyy.. better ask some people if they'd like to join, 'aight?
10pm+ went out to hartamas with "these two guys". ekekkeke!! (kenape takde name ekk? wanie pon tatau lah.. hummm....) played FUSBALL!! (which i absolutely adore if it's a team-game, 2 on 2. ekkekeke!) wanted to play pool there but it was packed, so we went to another place somewhere above 7eleven. heehee! cam segan at first and the guys was 'amazed' (am i using the right expression?) 'coz i get to hit the balls (hahhaha!!) even with some bad techniques. ohh, ilsa and his friend was there as well! :D
then they went back to subang and we had our late dinner at that mamak near 7eleven!

pastu entah cemane.. sume pon addicted with pool.. we went AGAIN to puchong!! hahahha! main lama gila 'coz we played on a snooker table.
tau tau, arrived back in cyberia at 4am! ekkekeke!!
thanks for the company, guys! :)

ohh, balek balek.. diserang sedikit panic sebab ade orang tu kaannn anta message ntah pape ntahh! and my phone only beeped once! :P
okay.. tengok korang panic tak baca message camni:

Wanie!! Dah tido ke, kalo
tak tido lagi, plzzz miscall
saya.. Ada mende nak ckp..urgent


okie.. mari masuk tido! :)
gudnite world!


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