Thursday, August 19, 2004

i feel like an overworked pig.


i am.. sooooooo tired and idiotic in the same time.
but i also want to go out and have some fun!! (if that's possible!) wahhahahhaha!!
yesterday wasn't enough for the rest of today lahh.. haihhh~ (i really should stop sighing too much)
hello?! esok mpd! helloooo??!

okay.. today..
walked to FOE for my human factors paper which WASN'T easy!!! (in the not-so-baking sun, thank God!) but still, die lah! (for the paper) the 2 hours time was not enough for me, sadly. :(
so when the rest of us were released, i walked off straight back cyberia, not breaking a single sweat ('coz the exam room was COLD!). went to that grocery shop.. and as i was considering to myself if i should buy that dozen of eggs.. i decided to check how much money do i have left.. only to find in my bag.. - NO WALLET!!!!
mak datuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuukkk!!
so i actually half-ran back to FOE, bumped firdaus and azrin whom jokingly asked; "nak pegi exam?" ("going for the exam?") i could've laugh right there if i wasn't in a panic mode. huhuuuu. FUNNY. (we were in the same class, in case there's any of you who didn't know)

so i ran up that damned MMU hill and cursed stairs.. to find that the room i was in was dark and empty and LOCKED!! huwaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!!!
i stood in front of that class for some seconds, bobbing my head up and down trying to see if my wallet was still at where i last remember.
then i looked to the rest of the hallway, saw a pakgad (security guard) walking my way..
me: do you have the keys to this room?
pakgad: why?
me: i left my wallet inside!
pakgad: what color is it?
me: light cream (please please say that you have it!)
pakgad: size?
me: pretty small *make hand gestures indicating the size of my wallet*
pakgad: name?
me: ida hazwanie
(pakgad hands me a wallet.. MY WALLET! that small cream colored wallet that i stupidly left on the floor at the side of my freakin' exam table #19!!)
me: wahhhh!! thank goodness!!

(me and the guard originally speak in malay, though!) :D

i am officially VERY darned tired from the running around.
i deserve a six-pack. (the muscles, not alcohol!)


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