Tuesday, August 17, 2004


head spinning.
ekkekeke! not because of anyone.. but to be truth.. a bit lahh.. yeahh!
overcome with massive emotions at the moment.

you write longer email lah! hebatt!!

we sagittarians are amazing, kan? ekkekeke!
we can handle the hard truth so much better than lies, don't you think? heehee.
haaaah~ i like being open like this.
i guess that's what i like most about "us".

thank you for being so cool!
kamu sungguh cooooool!!
and though i know you'll hate what i'm going to say next.. still i want to say it..
i still think that you're NICE!

and heyy.. nothing is better than to lose this friendship! tahuuuuu?!
so ask me out again, ask me out againnn!! ekkekekekeke!

*gedebikk sama waniee*


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