Thursday, August 05, 2004

long awaited outing!!


nothing i love more. :x
especially since i've been thinking about it for weeks!!
thank you girls for a great outing!
my arm aches a bit since that "unfamiliarity" but it was FUNNN!!!

8pm lily came home from going out with ilsa in the afternoon and said; "teringin shisha laa.. jom!" so kita pon ape laa lagi kann?? JOMMM!! it was 10+pm when we got out from cyberia, got to jai's place in sri kembangan to "kidnap" rosie and straight headed towards hartamas
we didn't hung out in uncle don's though.. bahayeee.. ekkeke! we hung out at med kitchen, in front of breakers. had 2 bottles? of shisha (bubblegum and grape flavor!) with ice lemon tea. :D sat there until somewhere 1am and then went into breakers!

while prisca and rosie played pool, me and lily had 2 "matches" of fusball. gile aah! we were shouting around like girls.. ekkeke! and me and lily then played pool - which i sucked terribly! ekkekek!! i was too robotic to play lah!! :-S so i let prisca fill me in as she and rosie finished their game. :D
and then those breakers people told us that that should be our last game since their closing. :( and entah cemane.. we went to puchong and played ANOTHER round of pool!! and prisca was a good coach i guess, i got a hang of it now!! cam tak saba nak main lagi pon ade!! ekkekeke!!

then we send back rosie to jai's place and the rest of us went to mamak putra for maggi goreng! lapo! :D and tau tau dah 5am lebih! :))
that was funn!!!

okay. i should be sleepy now, but i'm really not.
had a bit too much of laugh, i guess. but i need the sleep. :P

by the way.. i need to have a proper body posture!! i slouch too much, demm! and i need to be a bit more fat!! i look ugly in clothes.. i hate!!
(i guess i ought to be nude to be 'beautiful'!! hahahhahaha!!)


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