Sunday, August 22, 2004

a verrrry gud morning!!

just spent the whole night with two of my guy buddies. (buddies??)

we went out around 8 to IOI. played one and a half game of pool to kill some time before our movie starts at 9:45pm.
we went to catch collateral which i think was pretty okay to watch. heehee. (i wish i am better at being a movie-critic, but maybe i need a little more practise..) :P i'd say the ending was a bit predictable, but the storyline was interesting. :D go see it for yourself lah! :P
then we had our late dinner in F1. ehee~ it was my first time eating there and i find the menu rather amusing! somehow they knew what those F1 racers love to eat. (there were notes inside a bracket at the side of the names of some dishes saying like; "montoya's favorite" or "ralf's favorite") heehee!

and then it was 1am.. which to me was a 'bit' too early to come back cyberia. :P so we went to putrajaya to find that new shopping mall alamanda! :D well, it was a bit out of my expectations. i guess it was large, but i was hoping that it'd be a lil' bit.. taller! huhuu~
okay. that sight-seeing took us less than 40 minutes i suppose, and i don't know who came out with it, but someone said KLIA and me, being an enthusiast at "everything that includes not going back too early" agrees excitedly! ekekke! kasihan si ablen had to drive us around! ekkekeke!! (taklaa kesian sangat! ekkekeke!! :P)

spent more than an hour there, goofing about with dar. the image of the trolley and snoring guy keeps entertaining me now. :P but ablen kept walking in a distance. why aahh?? malu ekk? :P
so anyways.. got back in cyberia around 4:30am 'coz ablen got us all lost until kajang! ekkeke. :P

okay.. should get rest now. but probably i should settle out my things 'coz i'm going home today! :D :D so last night was an awesome "last day" outing guys!!! :x i've even showered for today! ekkekke!
all the talking is making me hoarse. :P

okay.. so, MMU people,
happy holidaysss!!!
enjoyy, yah? :)

so with this, i am leaving you with this quote from W. M. Lewis.. until the next time i'll update the blog.. who knows when! :D
"the tragedy of life is not that it ends so soon, but that we wait so long to begin it.."


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