Tuesday, August 10, 2004

you remind me of apendix.

it's that something inside of you.. that does nothing but collect unwanted things from the food you eat and if it gets filled up too much, it'll eventually burst and cause you real pain and if you're too late to operate it, you'll die.
as unuseful as it is, to operate it out without enough cause is really.. a waste.

yeahh.. you're killing me.

been having a boring day over here. and i was crossing good charlotte's website when i found a site on suicide. (i assume they put the link there since their hold on video clip relates to suicide acts) and i found some interesting facts in there!

did you know?
throughout history artists, writers and musicians have seemed to suffer disproportionately from mood disorders and recent studies have shown that poets and writers are four times more likely than others to suffer from affective disorders, particularly manic depression.

interesting, huh?
heehee. a bit scary too.

been posting a lot today 'coz i'm freaking bored! freaking bored! freakin' boreddd!!!
bored with my time and some people.
i guess you can't make everyone get you, no matter what you say to them.
stubborn people are simply stubborn..
same as stupid people.. they're just.. plain stupid!
i'm bored of repeating the things i've already said.
believe lah what you want to believe.
can't make you believe me if you don't want to.

Bulimic by The Used

From the way that you acted
To the way that I felt it
It wasn't worth my time
And now it's sad cause all I missed
Wasn’t that good to begin with
And now I've started you begging
Saying things that you don't mean
It isn't worth my time
A line's a dime a million times
And I'm about to see all of them

Goodbye to you (Goodbye to you)
You’re taking up my time

You call my name when I wake up
To see things go your way
I’m coughing up my time
Each drag's a drop of blood a grain
A minute of my life
It’s all I've got just to stay down
Why the fuck am I still down
I'm hoarding all that’s mine
Each time I let just one slip by
I'm wasting what is mine

Goodbye to you (Goodbye to you)
You’re taking up my time

I’m about to see a million things
I thought I’d never see before and I
I’m about to do all the things I dreamed of
And I don't even miss you at all

Goodbye to you (Goodbye to you)
You’re taking up my time



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