Tuesday, September 21, 2004

and i thought you looked familiar.

surprising day today..
spent about 4 hours out with lily doing almost nothing. :D
i was bored, and she can't study here at home, so she suggested we go to alamanda's STARBUCKS.

lily studied for her paper there, as i bought a new book, from dan brown; angels and demons. (i've read his da vinci code and thought it was REALLY good!!) for all i know, he could be a replacement as i wait for rowling's new harry potter! ekkeke! :)

and what's neat, we practically made new friends over there! ekekke! the people in starbucks asked us if we want to join their "coffee tasting session". hehhe! so we get to taste some african coffee with some cheese cake and this bun for FREE!! ekekkee!! :x and we were taught the RIGHT way to drink coffee!!! hahahhaha!! awesome!!



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