Wednesday, September 29, 2004

i talk a lot of crap!

heehee. i kinda hate myself for that.

for someone who claims that she doesn't care.. i really talk a lot!

i guess in a way, that 'little' green-eyed monster just surfaced in me. i always thought i was fine.. but i guess i just proved myself that i am not completely fine.. *sigh*
just another thing i hate: when the fact just slapped me in the face.

gosh!! please go awayy! lame thoughts, just go awayy!! stupid philosophy class made me THINK! (the class is not at all stupid, by the way. as a matter of fact, i can actually point here that i'm glad to take such subject..) but i hate the thing that's in my mind right now.. huhuuu!

*sigh* i lose!
i lose i lose i lose!!
i lost to my own thoughts. no one has to do anything to get me down 'coz i am doing a perfect job toppling over myself.
just "great"!

me and yat, hanis and musz during skool break!
missing. that's what i am.

there are 4 places i'd like to visit before i die;
1. paris
2. rome
3. ireland
4. japan... where i can find kakcik and force her to show me around! hehhehe! :)


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