Tuesday, October 05, 2004

i DO know..

tengkiuuuk ablen gile! :D

so we went to see resident evil. met dar, fakhrul with 2 other girls in midvalley. had kfc for dinner, (tak abes!!) and ablen gile tak aci 'coz he only ate that tiny colonel burger! ahahhaha! (lelaki ape kamu ini?!) ekekkeke!
we then watched as dar ate away his nuggets in McD, teman dia pegi toilet.. yahh! SERONOK! ekkeke! :P
they watched the 11:20 show though.. so me and ablen wasted away some 25 minutes before our show. (rabbits are totally cute!!)

i think it was pretty okaaay!! nothing much to tell 'coz my gurlfriends has not yet seen it, so i better not spoil them.
tapi geram sama ablen gile. he's seen it and he kinda laughed when he sees me get surprised! tara guna. but it was neat to have him - who's seen it. 'coz he'd be warning me which part to be 'careful' at. ekkeke!!
domo arigatou ne ablen san~! :P

okay.. so i'm back here in cyberia.. and just finished talking to my goood boyfriend. (he's a boy, he's a friend!) - you know who you are.
thank you for caring! really!!
HUGGSS!! (i'll hug the teddi bear lah!)
i'll try my best, wokeh? :D thankksss!!

just something silly to read:
"When a Sagittarius child is born to a Scorpio parent, they need to give each other enough room to live their own lives, if they want to come together as a family. Their patience will be rewarded by the calm and reassuring relationship that will ensue.Sagittarius thrives on variety, novelty and optimism. Scorpio values the experiences which strengthen the family's emotional ties. Devoted Scorpio may wonder how they can be so different from their free wielding child, while Sagittarius may feel held back by their parent's emotional outbursts and displays. Scorpio mustn't smother or guilt their child, and Sagittarius must look at their parent and realize that they have their best interests at heart. If they make a little room for one another, and keep part of their lives private, this family will get along better in the long run. The best aspect of the Scorpio-Sagittarius family relationship is the security and flexibility they can give each other. They make a compatible team once they learn to look at the world through each other's philosophies. As long as they communicate openly and celebrate their differences, theirs will be a peaceful and loving family."

that's about me and mama there. ekekkeke! funny how it's seldom "peaceful" between us. (we did have yet another useless disagreement last weekend! :P)

okayy! it's SO late don't you think?? and i'm not even doing anything much! should get some sleep, but then again my class is only at 2! plenty of time to sleep later, yah? heehee!


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