Thursday, October 28, 2004

"thanks for the sex."

ekkeke. that was such a twisted line.

the night turned out to be quite cool lah!
so i was picked up around 6:15, crammed myself between mama and papa at the back seat of the car, and dozed off for quite sometime somehow. (seems like i've been doing too much of that lah lately! ekekkeke!) waking up at the right moment of break-fast, (papa and nina already bought rations earlier) and realize how i'm still treated like a kid; papa let me be the first one to the drink. ekekkeke! so there we were, in the car, almost at the center of the town, eating rotiboy, kuih lapis and other 15-seconds-of-fame-in-ramadhan kuihs, :D as we pondered why seremban roads are still packed with cars.
you see, in shah alam.. by 6:50.. (during ramadhan lah!) every major roads would be practically empty! it's probably even safe to sit right on the road. heehee. well, most probably 'coz shah alam is really just HOUSES and everyone's already inside getting prepared for break-fast. :)

arrived in nina's place, being greeted by the birthday girl, who sat right at the doorway looking confused. ekekke! so we had a proper dinner, sang izzati that traditional birthday song (though she'd surely don't understand - but grinned her two front teeth anyways) and simply lie around. me and nina got to work on that puzzle a bit as well. hehhe! cam addicted to get it done! :)

got back here again around 11, and fussed about my darned computer which somehow wasn't connected to the internet as the other computers!! frustrating indeed.
then lily said she was going out to become a cetti so i had to come along! :D saw majin in hb1 and somehow he got into the car and followed us home. (not before stopping by dar and fakhrul's house first)

so there we were.. in front of the telly.. watching sex and the city with illia (housemate. hope i spelled her right!) ekekkeke, with the occasional rosie and lily who made spaghetti too! ekekkeke!

so it's five o'clock, and i better start figuring out what the heck i'm supposed to do for later today's resubmission for that philosophy essay.. sheesh~!


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