Monday, November 22, 2004

o - my - GOD!!!

this must be one of the most horrible feelings i've ever felt!!
there's even a sickly pain in my tummy.
you know what?
urghhh!! GOD!!

i may be wrong for the second time..
the first time i was SO wrong that it's really really embarassing.. but this time.. i really doubt that i'm making the same related mistake.
o crap.

i am now officially ashamed for being such a stupid stupid stupid git!!
i wonder if i'm simply simply wrong for..
i really really wanna cry now.

how did i get this stupid???
for thinking that things were about to change...
they were always the same, weren't they?
so i'll be detaching myself now..

here goes my heart.
breaking up to pieces so small..
that it can pass through the eye of a needle.
i guess i'm sorry.

sorry for putting such hope on a single star..
a star that i thought shone bright for me.
when truthfully it has always been there.
shining for someone else to see..


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