Tuesday, December 21, 2004

nervous breakdown.

actually, what does that term mean? 'coz right now i'm using it because i'm feeling really nervous for tomorrow and the day after that.
i just can't grasp what the heck that's making me this irresponsible!! urghh!! how could i let myself down so horribly???

sometimes i think being a sagittarius is a curse.

"...you can be so enamored of your abstract vision, your view of the whole, your intuitive sense of possibilities and potentials, that you miss what is right in front of you, including the actual work involved in realizing that vision, or perhaps the real people that might be effected."

hmmph! idiot.

anyways, i better get on with my studying.

changed to one lazy layout. other than the nervous breakdown, i'm also having a real designer's block. bluerghh!

ohh! this is the song that i've been crazy about weeks ago. somewhat like a theme song, but not anymore! but i still love the song. i haven't got it on my pc though.. entah mana nak cari. but i've been following the radio long enough to somewhat memorize the song. :D
Aku, Dia dan Kamu by Diva

Betapa bodohnya diriku
Mahu diduakan dirimu
Namun bila hati bicara
Aku sayang padamu

Kau takkan pernah tinggalkannya
Dihatimu cuma dia
Namun tetap kau inginkan ku
Kini apa dayaku

Putuskan dia o kasih
Agar ku tak tersaingi
Sungguh ku benci dirimu yang tak bisa memilih
Namun harus ku akui
Sukar untuk lepaskanmu
Akhirnya aku undur diri demi dia dan kamu..


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