Thursday, January 13, 2005

"..just the way you are"

i had a very interesting day today. really!
but please people.. be a friend next time, and if you know that i was going out while i wasn't feeling too well and having my period, STOP ME! me, being sick is bad for the society. plus, i look horrible wandering around with tissue in my hands. unhygenic, absolutely.

today i went again to midvalley.. even after being nagged by mama for being sick and still stubborn to go ahead with my plan. hohohok! (gara gara ablen who told me that i should tell someone that i was going out, in case anything happens. grr)
anyways, if you were living in the south side of malaysia, surely you experienced the power surge! and yes.. i was inside megamall when it happened. i was only there for a couple of minutes when it happened, and gosh! if you've seen resident evil, 12:30 pm in megamall today strongly reminds me of it! ekkeke! did you know that there's this canvas divider/devider (spelling?) along the halls that would automatically come down when there's a power surge??? well, there is such thing and it got me a lil' panicky that i actually jogged towards the light from the center court's skylight! i end up feeling lame.
anyways, after about 30minutes wondering around in the darkness, watching some people walking headlong into other people, i stopped in front of tomei and sat. a few while later some stranger by the name of kak lin walk up to me and struck a conversation! about an hour talking to her, she asked me a question.. "what's a pretty girl like you doing here alone? takde boyfriend ke?"
HOHHOHOHOK!! even a stranger thinks i should have a boyfriend! ekkekeke! ntahpapentah.

anyways, after lunch i decided that i shouldn't go back yet so i actually went to catch a movie!! bridget jones:edge of reason!!!!! i reaaaally like colin firth!! no. i liiiike mark darcy!! no no.. i looove mark darcy!! i ADORE him!! his fantastic, fabulous, extremely charming and absolutely, totally handsome!! I WANT!! honestly, is there anyone out there such as him? i hope by i'm 26 i'm with someone like him. one incredibly sweet arse. ekkeke! he's just amazing! it's amazing if there's really someone who can still love bridget even with her blunders. absolutely AMAZING!!
both bridget jones are definitely on my list of favorite movies! hihi.

anyways, today i found out three things;
1. there is such thing as allergy to dusts, 'coz i'm having one right now.
2. a cute face and smile can really make people don't mind much about your silliness.
3. sickness makes me more emotional than i already am! i actually almost cried at this one part of the movie. hihi! i remember this one time when i had this really high fever that i thought i was going to die!
(well, the doctor didn't help that she panicked when she read the thermometer!!)

okay. better rest. since that high fever, i'm pretty much horrified of getting a fever again. i think my body is done with the little viruses that now, i only get the really horrible ones, thus.. really really high fever!
okay. stopping!

eh wait!
okay, done!


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