Wednesday, January 26, 2005

little missy and friend.

getting a bit cranky right now. my feet are hurting me. gara gara merayap after finding out class wasn't on. (kalo tau, i would've stayed at home and sleep!!) but well, cik ila pon tak membantu when she said she had no plans for the afternoon!
(you see, when there's no plan.. you'd just have to MAKE ONE! hohhohok!)

so we went to campbell(?) since cik ila wanted to get her metal band cd. hihi. later we went to midvalley and ate "mee yang menyamar jadi laksa". (it's a story not worth talking about) then pusing pusing and entah macam mane, dah belanja rm30! ahhahaha! HORRIBLEHORRIBLE.
later we went to catch phantom of the opera since cik ila wanted to see it so much. good thing that i like the theme song pretty much to tag along! hihi. the movie was 2+hours. kinda tiring on the butt, but it was okay! not quite a surprise that i was able to get emotional by some film that is entirely musical!
i had to laugh at some parts though.. i think it's just funny how one second, the guy talks in proper sentences but the other second he suddenly sang his words in a rather enthusiastic song. (macam faham ke?)
anyways, in my opinion.. if the phantom keeps his mask on his face, i wouldn't mind marrying him! he's quite good looking if you look on his best side. hihi. but he's really psychotic, isn't he?

going back home was kinda funny. i had to contain myself from wetting my pants when i laughed at cik ila's little stunt display in the commuter train. kikkiki.

feeling pretty awful right now actually.
haven't seen mama for a week 'coz she had to go to langkawi for work and she only got back today. what's worse, i pulled off a mood the night before she left and i wanted to say something about it but it feels a bit late for that and now i don't know how to even say anything to her.
and dida will be off to labuan tomorrow morning and it gets me feeling even worse. i really hate it when both of my sisters are away from home. bluerrgh!
and i still have to do that maya modelling!! grr.
and all i want to do right now is get my pillow and just lay about wherever i can.

Masquerade! Paper faces on parade
Masquerade! Hide your face so the world will never find you
Masquerade! Every face a different shade
Masquerade! Look around, there's another mask behind you
Masquerade! Buring glances,turning heads
Masquerade! Stop and stare at the sea of smiles around you
Masquerade! Grinnning yellows, Spinning reds
Masquerade! Take your fill, let the spectacle astound you.

(Maquerade; from the Phantom Of The Opera soundtrack)

it's been a month since the 9.0 richter quake that caused the massive tsunami. did you know that there has been studies that actually shows how big a quake can be at certain places and where tsunamis might hit? if you own an atlas, you could probably check it out.


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