Friday, January 28, 2005

so much for assignment!

what ever happened to my dream for writing?
since i was younger, i always wanted to write. at first i thought of being a journalist. the thought of going out, getting a story and putting them into words seemed so great. and then i realize how uninterested i am to the daily news. i only read the cartoon section of the papers! i came to accept that i only like to write about what relates to me directly.

later in my standard school i started writing stories. sure, i get a lot of A's for my writing homeworks. but really, what's the satisfaction of talking about your life as a car, or a totally fictional life that only happened in your dreams?
i wrote some short stories and gave it to my bestfriends to read. they thought it was great, but now that i've read them back, all i can think of is "what idiots we were during our childhood.." honestly, i can't even forgive myself for the terrible grammar, bad choices of words and well, REALLY bad storylines.

i tried song writing and poetry in secondary school. i have to say that i like most of the turn outs, but i hate the fact that you can't just conjure up an idea. if you're in a role, you're in a role. if you're not, you're not. and i can't cope with not in a role when i want to.
i still write short stories every once in a while but i keep leaving them halfway. somehow i just lost interest with the whole idea after a chapter. (don't i always?)

so tonight, i was supposed to start on Maya but something else was stuck in my head. And I couldn't let the thought go so I had to start writing again.
How ever did i get to "multimedia" when writing has always been my number one?

anyways, going crazy after seeing this picture. quite a sneak peak for Harry Potter #4!!


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