Tuesday, January 04, 2005

these days..

is there any point in questioning about it?
yes, there is.

it's just reaaally hard to get good keepers these days, doesn't it?
now people, i AM talking about the recent tiger cup match between Malaysia and Indonesia.
THE KEEPER WAS HORRIBLE!! god! he's just absolutely HORRIBLE!! not just he's bad at keeping the net, his hair is even WORSE!! nothing i hate more than ugly long-haired males. i really really think it's YUCKY!!
what's with most of the players anyways! so that chindian, whatsisname? kit kong? something like that.. so i think he is a good player.. but his long hair? makes me cringe! urghh!!

okay, about the game. i think it's just typically malaysian to lose a game when everyone is just puting such hope on them. don't our national players just lose when they're almost at the top? badminton.. football.. they're all just the same! i don't blame the fact that there weren't too many supporters coming into the stadium at the beginning of the tournament.
our players really disappoints a lot.
sorry that i sound really negative about our sports scene. i was really disappointed with our team. the attackers were doing soo goood!!
and the defenders were just.. crappy!

moving along to another thing that disappoints me...
how could the disney channel move even stevens to 2:30 am?!!! urghhh! bencikbencikkk!!
(err.. i am having this silly crush over shia labeouf. hokhokhok!!)

okay okay! i should talk about something else that would maybe, probably make more sense than those i've written up there. hihhi.
people, let's say "welcome to the planet!" to Alia Farhana!! (been playing the first verse of Dare You To Move by Switchfoot ever since her birth!)

born on last monday, December 27th, has a cute dimple on her right cheek, and her voice is just tiny!! cute, adorable, and tinyyy!! she's just amazing! and izzati was amazing! she's at that stage where she just loves babies, and anytime she saw her baby sister, she would want to kiss her!! of course everyone would try to hold her so she wouldn't accidentally fall on farhana, but when anyone tries to stop her from kissing her sister, she'd get frustrated and prentends to cry!! hihi.
the two are really adorable. can't wait to see farhana when she's at izzati's age! and izzati.. gosh!! it could probably take a whole day to talk about her!! and she's just a year old!!! i can't get enough of izzati and farhana!!!
sure, i can't really babysit either of them 'coz i'm all play, ekkeke! they're really a challenge. okay. i should re-phrase that. IZZATI is a challenge. she's really no-rest, all-play, and just refuse to stay put! unless, you have a dairy milk chocolate in your hands to keep her occupied with.. until she gets enough of it!! hihi.
still.. i can't get enough of my two nieces!!!!
and if nina gets another girl after this, that's another set of the 'charmed one'!! hohhohok!

okay. enough of this babblebabble.
sorry (if applicable) for missing for a whole week! hihi. been spending most of the week in seremban. (if only the 'holidays' were longer! hihi)
and now i'm off to some 'me' time! hihi.

o yeah, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!


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