Monday, February 21, 2005


rather fascinated by those british slang these days. =) i think they all sound good and gives a rather pleasant feeling in the mouth when said. hihi. i know that's weird, but i like anyways! =P

i had a quite depressing weekend, to be truth.
but since i've had too many depressing situations to practice on, last weekend was not enough to get me anywhere near suicidal. other than being cursed at, my father told me not to talk to him for the 3rd time in my life, probably. (which is really not a problem since the last two times he said that, i wasn't really the one who talked first with him.) but nevertheless, it got me evenmore angry. honestly, he never never learn that being 'smart' with his egoistic last child wouldn't bring him any good.
hehe. pardon me for bad mouthing my father over here. i'm just bitter from his outrageousness. if i told here what he really did, i'm sure you'd think just as same. but right now, better it be with you thinking that "maybe wanie was on the wrong side".

and right now, on a quiet monday i'm already here in cyberia 'coz i should be doing my maya assignment. but honestly, all i've been doing is type this entry out and look on to mugglenet! hahha!
maybe the lightheadedness isn't doing any help either. a now-stranger/distant friend just messaged me after.. 2 months. another month wouldn't really matter to me, but i should say that this pretty much amuses me.

okay. better get something done before it's too late!
i really shouldn't waste too much time fooling around. =)


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