Tuesday, February 22, 2005

dear world,

please stop bursting my happy bubbles.

i tried not to care but once i've even bothered to know about such things, i just couldn't stop! and now i am more ever hoping that it will slide to my preference. i'm crazy about it!! but it's not really in my hands, is it? other people's relationship isn't really my business, is it? especially when they're made-up characters by rowling! AHHAHAHAHHA!! *mad laugh*

wanie: nina, do you think hermione is best with ron? i mean, if you do.. then who'll be with harry? rowling already said he's going to have a love interest. if it's ginny, they didn't really connect, did they? ron obviously has feelings for hermione, and harry isn't being friendly with anybody else!
nina: hermione seems a bit too strong while ron is being whimpy, and she cares for harry more like a bro. maybe there'll be a new character? just wait and see. ron has feelings for hermione 'cause he doesn't really know any other girls! hahha!

those were actually a summary of the smses i sent nina during a rather 'hard' hour, just a bit ago. hohho! i know i knoowww.. this is totally irrelevant to the "case studies for postal-ruled internet-related contracts"! but it's just hard to get your work done when your thoughts keep reverting to 'shippings'! it's making me nutsss!!! and i know it could probably irritate nina a bit, reading from her original use of words.. huhuu.

so here's a confession. i'm really fussing about the H/Hr shipping. (that's the relationship-ing of Harry and Hermione!) i mean, i've been reading some 'editorials' and stuff from those who thinks as i do, but when i read the ones from R/Hr shippers (Ron/Hermione, people!) a little bubble inside just gets pricked with a pin. i hate that, really.
okay, if you've read the book, ron pretty obviously likes hermione, and i have to say it's kinda cute in some way even with them both bellowing at each other every so often, but somehow i'd really like it if hermione ends up with harry anyways! there's something about 'fiesty' people that just attracts, but harry's dark hair could probably be why i prefers him! hohhohok! maybe luna can get with ron. she did find him funny! and neville seemed to fancy ginny, so that settles it! AHHAHAHHA!! *mad laugh*

and rowling's quotes keeps me bothered!
In Book IV Harry does decide he likes a girl, but it's not Hermione or Ginny. However, he's only 14, so there's plenty of time for him to change his mind. but of course, Harry's been smitten by Cho since book III. Harry and Hermione…d’you really think they’re suited? grr. or when asked; "Will Harry ever notice the long-suffering Ginny Weasley?" - You'll see... poor Ginny, eh? and "Was something going on between Ron and Hermione?" - Yes, something's "going on," but Ron doesn't realize it yet.

bluerrghh. i hate waiting.
gonna look for more 'editorials' now, just so i have more bubbles if they were to be burst later.
o yahh, i do love that avatar i found on some discussion board though. hihi! emma and rupert's looking funny. (the fact emma comel pon membantu lah kan!) =P


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