Friday, February 04, 2005


they are a bit funny though aren't they?
even strangers at the side of the road can be funny sometimes.
so i suppose even when i'm deboysing, i've decided to keep the funny ones!
i'm gonna keep them up to the point when they start acting funny. when that happens.. well, that will be decided IF it happens. heh.

today i notice the existence of one cute lookin' guy. but he didn't make any jokes nor did he say anything to me.
but that's most probably 'coz i've been sort of ignoring him. hihi! (don't i always?)
by the way, that pic at the side there is not the guy i mentioned above. that's my second favorite japanese person, kusano masamune, after takuya kimura. kikkiki! he has this.. intoxicating voice that i absolutely LOVE!!! it's like.. when i heard him, i feel the need to hug him! ekkeke. i know, that's a lousy example but it's how strongly i feel about his awesome awesome voice! hohhohok! and what's more, he was born in december!!! december people are just GREAT!! weee~!

okay.. weekend is around the corner and next week it's MID-SEMESTER BREAKK!! woohoo~!
happy chinese new year to those who celebrates it!
i'm gonna try to catch up some movies during the break! - that is if my parents let me to go off alone lah, since dida is usually too busy for some quality time with her sister! (hah!) i'm only entitled to my singlehood freedom when no one else is watching over. huhu.

liking the new layout!! 'coz it's red and orange! hihi. and those stick figures too! that was originally inspired from one of the episodes in fruits basket hihi!
kyon-kun!! daisukida yo! yuki-kun mo!
sudah gilok.
anyways, i think it's amazing how that simple anime can trigger so much emotion.. 'coz up 'til yesterday, the last three episodes never fail to make me cry. huhuu. sangat sentimental!

okay people, enjoy your day yahh!


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