Thursday, February 24, 2005

maybe it's the quiet morning.

had a hearty sleep last night after going to bed early due to tiredom from self. (you know the reason why)
and this morning i continued on with my reading of useless matters and one really stung my heart. hahha! it's amazing what 'writers' can do to you. even these amateurs could produce something that really caught you. o well, me being an emotional git could've helped a bit.

i have to say, this week has been quite an emotional week! twice have i shed and they're both from really silly reasons.

anyways, have you ever felt like some days, things just seem to dawn on you? something like, all the questions you've had seemed to be answered. for a moment of your life, you feel like turning all philosophical and smart.
i'm having that now, though i'm not really sure it's making me any happier.

somewhere out there is something real i should be doing, and i swear i'm going to find it! not a moment in my life have i forgotten. one day. =)


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