Thursday, February 17, 2005


if you know me well enough, you'd know how i hate asking for help, but this time will be an exception.
bloomsbury post this photo on their site on v-day, and i do believe this is a hinting that there'll be a love interest for harry in the next book, harry potter and the half blood prince!! rowling did say, and i quote, "what's life without a little bit of romance?" when asked if harry's going to get a new love interest by the end of the 7 books.

so what do you think? what can you make out from the shadow??
i know i'm getting obsessed with this 'coz i've been staring at the screen for a long period of time!

urghhh!! i'm biting my nails from all this tension and anticipation! it's really happening again, just as it was 2 years ago.
penantian adalah satu kecelakaan!
hahha! i know it shouldn't be replaced to a curse word, but i'm pissed! i hate waitiinggggg!!!!! tak guneeeeee!!!!



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