Friday, March 11, 2005

achieving 3000

*sigh* i hate posting a day late. guess i was just too preoccupied to type sooner. =( but i believe it's still 10th march in england, so..

happy birthday professor lupin!!
*sigh* i do realize that he is no longer a professor and that he's the second inexistent person that i wished upon this month!
but that's not a reason not to celebrate all the same, is it? heehee~
(blame rowling for everything! blame it all on her!!!!)

today yesterday i had lunch with mama and nina in KL. i suppose that is quite far to get lunch but hey! it's either KL or nowhere at all.. (i find myself not to bother going out at all if it's only 10 minutes away, somehow) (and yes, my classes are 10 minutes away if i walk. hahhaha!!)
i sat with nina after lunch, and that was really... bad? really?
well, it's bad because we were seperated by an internet-connected pc and well, as if on auto-pilot, i hogged her pc and start "introducing" her to mugglenet and! wahhahhaha!! and nina was a great sport 'coz she laughed at all the right places when i told her about the ice-cream man and bogies! heehee!
anyways, i only got back here at half past 8, with half a dozen muffins! (weeeee!!) mama's AWESOME!

ohh, before we left pwtc, i saw a group of people who seemed rather familiar. hihi! surprisingly, i was only half interested when i saw ruffedge and- zahid!! *mad laugh* i was laughing because i used to think that i'd be jumping about if i get to see him in person but the truth is, when i saw him, i could only hear myself reciting the old entries i've blogged about him! (and think; "ohh~ how lame!") yes, LAME! and fariz was right!!! zahid was rather.. well, no other way to say it.. but, short! ahhahahhah!!! *mad laugh again* this is embarassing. i mean, if you're crushing on someone, that person should probably be 'perfect' yeah? well, he's obviously NOT and now i'm left feeling utterly EMBARASSED by my old old posts. honestly! mimpi kejar kejar hamster.. LAMELAMELAME!!!! (yes, i do feel the heat radiating from my face) SO LAME!!!

just now i came by an interesting line in the many fics i've been following on portkey! (DON'T CLICK if you're not a H/Hr, Ron/Luna, Draco/Ginny, James/Lily shipper) it goes on about this girl who just broke up with her boy, and though they both know it was coming, she couldn't help herself from missing him. she made it clear that she doesn't want him back, but missing him was inevitable all the same. and to console her, her friend said, "good guys will do that to you"
hehhe. hear hear! that is.. wickedly true. =)

okay! i really need to get some rest now or i won't be able to get up for class tomorrow! well, today!! but before that!
quoting from arthur levine; an editor at scholastic, "HBP will be an intense book, but with light-hearted moments."
yeah. *scream here as much as you please*


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