Wednesday, March 02, 2005

bad move, wanie.

next time you see me on the verge of wolfing down 4 slices of pizza when i've already ate a piece of lasagna and 3 slices of pizza earlier, STOP ME! don't make me say about not wanting it to get ruined the next day, just STOP ME! hit me if you have to. 'coz my night's sleep was really restless since i had a bad case of tummy ache as i slept. hahhaha!!
i knowww.. it's really stupid to eat as much as i did and expect that i'll be totally fine with it, physically. mentally, i did myself proud! hahahha!! seriously bad move there.

today has been immensely slow. i should catch up on some sleep but i'm stupidly still googling on any harry potter related things. hohhohok! can't help it since they keep posting some new photos on the upcoming movie. the latest were the pictures of the stadium for quidditch world cup! =) and yesterday there were pictures of the norwedgian norwegian ridgeback. err.. was it the ridgeback? ohh! sorry. pictures of the hungarian horntail! hehe. =) the ridgeback was baby norbert from philosopher's stone. =P (sorry if you couldn't care less about HP 'coz i care loads and LOADS. o wait, i'm not really sorry. hahha! i did warn you about pausing the visit to this blog!)

hummph. and now i'm bored. and should get my shower. and should go to the atm later for money to pay for rent. bluerghh.
wish an owl would swoop down with some funny news. (of course, if a real owl would swoop down into the room i'd really think it'd be funny)

spell of the day: obliviate!


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