Tuesday, March 01, 2005

*cheer cheer*

happy birthday ron weasley!!
hihi. of course, he's not really an actual person, is he?

i can't quite let it rest - shipping, the thing about ron and hermione, they are undoubtedly a "something should happen". and they do have that classic "love/hate relationship" going on. honestly, the last time i fought so much with a single person, i ended up having a secret crush on him! (but that's a different story, and it was such a long time ago!) but really.. i can't see ron and hermione ever stop shouting at each other! it's not a way to communicate, and they hardly ever speak in a normal tone without harry being furious at them, or too worried about harry to start bickering. but of course, the books just revolved around harry. i wonder though if they're any different when harry's not with them. humm..

i think i've read enough fanfiction to get me to slow down the enthusiasm about H/Hr. so i'm coming to accept if it'll be R/Hr later in the two books, though i still can't imagine how they'd end up together. i tried reading the R/Hr fanfictions, but it felt too weird to continue reading after the moment it describes how 'suddenly ron realize how lucky he was to have met hermione..' hyuck! it's so not ron! it's LAME! LAMELAMELAME!! hate it when they made ron that way! if rowling really decide to get ron and hermione together, i hope she has a really good way of getting them there. i like ron just the way he is, and he wouldn't be ron if he stopped arguing with hermione.
bluerghh. i feel my life being sucked away by the books now.

anyways! today i got to see dearest oneechan. and i finally saw constantine! would've went to see it earlier by myself if i could ensure myself to be quite brave in the cinema alone for a film like that. hohho! i thought it was an interesting watch! got to see shia!! hahahhaha!! though it's a bit weird seeing him driving a cab, knowing how young he really is. and i couldn't help feeling upset to see his character end the way it did. hee~
today is a good day to get fat, really. me and hanis ate lasagna at 1pm, and later when her boyfriend came to join us around 5 we ate pizza! hahahha!! *mad laugh* and then i got to brought back the doggie bag! hahhahaha!! domo arigatou ne oneechan!!! wish the other girls were around too. musz haven't even met zul yet!
ne oneechan, zul is really not a bugger. just liked calling him that. do you really think i'd mind having him around? it just bugs me when you two decided to get cranky with each other and i'm stuck somewhere in the middle with nothing nice to say. =P

ohh, while the three of us wandered around, hanis decided to get her watches repaired and i suddenly found myself in front of a display.. one of the displayed item was the same model of the watch i got for my birthday from err.. someone. and i found out the price, of course!! and it brought me a new wave of rage somehow. rase nak sepuk budak yang pandai sangat spent so much on me. honestly! i would've prefered if he bought me a book. well, i'm really a geek so i really wouldn't mind a book. rm30 punye buku pun cukup la! and i have a long list of books i want to read too! i'd be grateful for a book!! instead he gave me one expensive watch!! GRRRRRR!!!!
not that i don't appreciate it. i'm really REALLY thankful that someone would actually spend so much for me, while i actually forgot his birthday, but DO YOU EVEN REALIZE HOW MANY INEXPENSIVE THINGS YOU COULD BUY?? grrrr. hah~ geram, grateful, sad and confused in the same time.. you couldn't possibly know..
just as much as i don't know what you see in me...

okay. so after me and hanis waited around for zul to buy his very own digital camera (so jealous!!!), we parted ways, and that was almost 8pm. and right now i'm dead tired and wish nothing more than to plop down on my bed and sleep.
of course, i would do that if i didn't have three pieces of pizza waiting on me. hahhahaha!! *mad laugh*

loads of love, weazel weasel boy!! always. =)


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