Monday, March 28, 2005

hanis cute, muSzang gile - wanie lagi best.

*giggle* silly title courtesy of 2 of by bestest girlfriends.

Question: How to get rm40 as soon as possible?
Answer: ..err, i was asking the question, couldn't find a better answer than well, refrain eating?

oh, first.. i am currently at HANIS' PLACE!! along with musz of course! (sebok? maybe! AHHAHA!!) we're really just hanging around, eating to love letters as i hijacked hanis' pc and musz learning nihongo through hanis' digital dictionary. hihi!

anyways! yesterday me and the girls went to midvalley and simply spend a lil' bit of time with ourselves. watched movie, catching up a bit, bad mouthing, blablablaa..
hands united!!
midway, we were introduced to musz' friend Achong! hohhohoho!! and hanis' boyfriend stopped by to bug us as well! AHAHHAHA!! (i'm quite certain he'd be a bit sad if he heard me say that! ekkeke!!)

dayat treat us pizzas and FREE FOOD ROCKS!! ahhahaha!! while we were making our rounds the mall, i actually found McFLY's album in Tower Records and Carrefour!! roawr!! and there were none last week when i had wanted it!! anyways, now i'm just thinking of ways to get rm40! ahahhah!!

okay. probably will write more later. ngee~


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