Wednesday, March 30, 2005

i, Fiona O'Keefe; am such a keen blogger, aren't i?

hehhe! of course, that isn't my real name!
came across some weird quizzes and there's this irish name generator that changed my name to fiona!! thank god i'm not irish! no offense to people named fiona o'course, but i thought me and fiona wouldn't get along too well.

slept like a log last night. straight 10 hours, no interruption at all! that did good to my head, though my eyes felt a bit puffy when i woke up. still, the sleep did good!! now i'm in a such better mood than yesterday that i'm even thinking of studying for next week's papers! ahhaha!!
though i'm not in THAT good of a mood to accept a date from a certain helpful person. *sigh* i thought my "excuse" was a bit weak, but he accepted it in the end. good thing too! don't think i'd be a nice company anytime soon. maybe i actually handled it well. hehh!

ohh right, a big thanks is in due here; THANK YOU SO SOOO MUCH INCIK FENDI!!! hihi! he just helped me out from one sticky life-death situation. he might not realize how much he's helped me but he did LOADSS!!! tengkiutengkiutengkiuuuu!!

and now i'm going to post the quiz result that i did earlier today;
What Age Do You Act?
You are a teenager at heart. You question authority and are still trying to find your place in this world.

it pleases me that i'm acting pretty much like an 18 year old. means that i was born about 1986, and that's the year when good ole danny was born!! WAHHAHHAHAHA!!! *mad laugh - REALLY mad laugh*
boy, aren't i just silly and lame when i'm crushing. just the perfect reason why i shouldn't start anything with someone reachable around this time. *stupid smile here!*

people said love makes you do stupid things. me, i just get stupid - fullstop.
(another day of philosphical and psychological for me!)


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