Wednesday, March 23, 2005

really. really tired.

two nights in a row, i worked on something pretty less-important until very late. i slept around 5 am yesterday, and now; 2:30 am, i'm still awake!
pleased to say that i'm done with what i've been working on the rest of today! =)
(if only i am as enthusiatic as this when i'm working on assignments!!)

new layout! a bit earlier than i had planned, but i'm ecstatic(spelling?) to show off my wishlist!! hihi.
the album cover
well, i don't really have it right now, it's with dida!! weeeeeee~!! her boss went to london for business and i almost scream at her if she could ask her boss to buy the CD for me. ahhahahhaha!! and at 2:09pm yesterday, dida called and said that her boss had bought it!! WAHHAHHAHAHA!!!
I AM SO SOOO HAPPY!!! so happy that if i were a real witch, i could've produced the most brilliant patronus ever seen!
just can't wait to get my hands on it, now!!! woooooooooot~!!!
it's just... very fortunate of me. =)

okay. the new layout is pretty stinky, i noticed. i suppose maturity is simply something i don't have. hahhahah!! i always end up doing something as childish as this. *sigh* baaah~ who cares!!

**patronus - it's the 'guardian' that fights off dementors. (refer to Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban; and yes, they've made that one to movie last year. heh!)

okay!! better go to sleep now or i'd wake up around noon like yesterday! ahhahaha!!
gudnite gudnite dear world~!


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