Tuesday, March 08, 2005

shopping therapy.

i haven't yet found a female that hates shopping. honestly, the more they shop, the happier they get!

been spending the rest of today with cik ila around KL and now my feet are threatening to fall off if i decide to go on for a walk anytime soon. =(
so we went to the central market, sungai wang, bentley music, lot10 and also times square - practically going on every public transport offered in KL. (bus, star lrt, putra and monorail)

mind, i wasn't the one who requires to shop for therapy. plus, i am still poor. (unlike some people!!) by the way, THANKS FOR LUNCH, CIK ILAA!!! tagging along to cik ila shop was really interesting. she's really.. easy! i mean, she sees what she likes, and she grabs it straight. (i'd usually walk around and ponder if i should buy the things i like) but of course, that concludes to her buying soo many clothes, (in my opinion, at least) that if she decides to wear them all at the same day, she could change her clothes every 4 hours! HAHHAHA!! but most of them were black in color (except one, which i totally approve!) so she can still head on to being as "metal" as she wants. (despite the fact that she shops crazy like a GIRL! wahhahha!!) and she also got herself a new black jeans for a more metal effect! AHHAHAHHA!! good thing i have no money to spare really. cik ila is really a bad influence for shopping. she's a true.. what'chacallit? impulsive buyer? compulsive buyer?? (sorry, i'm trying to add on some vocab(-ulary) around here but i might just have failed miserably)
my leg hurts but the day was amusing all the same. =)

later the day we went to get some ice-blended coffee at STARBUCKS!! *cheer!* my first visit to starbucks this year. and the guy was SO NICE!! he transferred my collective stamps from last year to this year's card!! and i thought those 5 stamps were just going to waste. hihi.
and today i got myself remembering about what i thought on sunday, about gary oldman. huhuuu. (potter-manic starts here!)
i suppose he's good at being dead, isn't he? i mean, harrison ford killed him in air force one, and since he's acting sirius black in the third HP movie, suppose he'll get killed in the fifth movie! poor gary. and daniel too, 'coz he adores that man...
ahahhaha!! let me rant about HP and i'll never stop.

going to get myself some rest now (if the coffees would let me).
to nur bahijah a. wahid, EPPY 21st!!! =)


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