Tuesday, March 29, 2005

talk about "exciting"

8.2 8.7 richter earthquake at north sumatera, 3 months after the disasterous tsunami in acheh. you can't help feeling the fear for their fate.

12:09 am (or 11:09 pm, different time from different news source!) - the earthquake.
a few minutes afterwards..
i find myself a bit woozy and my desk were shaking a bit more than normal. the floor seemed to rumble a bit, but i couldn't connect it to anything worse than the neighbours putting up some loud music.. until i saw the towel hung on ana's chair sway.

walked towards asha's room; wanted to ask her if she had felt it - and she did!
somehow we got panicked at that very moment and went straight to the door - i grabbed my keys, she grabbed her mobile. hehe!

anyways, the authorities kept us out of our apartment building for about 3 hours. and that was horrible! they meant well though; afraid if there'll be more shakes after that. everyone living in cyberia were there around the carpark. meanwhile, i tagged asha, dzayed and their friends to putrajaya and we hung a bit at the mamak and watched ntv7's live reports.

more news on CNN.


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