Wednesday, March 09, 2005

tears in my eyes.

(not necessarily a bad thing.)

kids version adult version
news: mugglenet > leaky-cauldron > bloomsbury
*screaaammm!!* obviously harry will be doing some sort of spell alongside dumbledore, yeah? and i wonder what that old book is all about. (it reads advanced potion making by the way) always liked the cover for the adult version, but i'll be buying the kid's again this time since i started collecting with it. wouldn't look nice if suddenly the pattern changes when i stack them together later! heeeee~
ohh, and scholastic has released their version for cover as well!
scholastic's cover version
aaaaaaaa!!! i think i have a slight idea about advanced potion making!!!!! *scream* *tears in eyes again* harry's **O.W.Ls!!! he's going to pass his potions!! must be!! so, assuming he'll live through book 7, he could become an **auror now, couldn't he?? waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!! brilliant!!! i love rowling!!!!
(will write more later!) 2:20am

okay. i realize that saying anything that could happen after book 7 is much too soon. i guess i was just too excited about the covers! i mean, the adult version always portrays what's really in the storyline! advanced potion making.. harry must've got at least an **E for his O.W.L then since snape wouldn't let anyone getting anything less to take the subject for **N.E.W.T! ooh~ can't wait to read how snape would react on that! ahhahaha!! JULY!!! CAN'T WAIT!!!! 1:07pm

** HP For Dummies
O.W.Ls - Ordinary Wizarding Level; a major exam taken by the 5th year students in Hogwarts School. consists of writing and practical tests for subjects such as Transfiguration, Potions, Defence Against the Dark Arts, Charms etc.
N.E.W.T - Nastily Exhausting Wizarding Test; a major exam taken by the 7th year students in Hogwarts School. (7th year is the final year and their N.E.W.T results will determine which career path they could take)
auror - possibly the most dangerous job offered by the ministry of magic. they're like **muggle police but since they deal with magic (or dark magic!), and bad wizards tends to be more dangerous than muggle bad people, their job are obviously more dangerous! becoming an auror requires 3 years of training and then a test should be taken.
muggle - non magical people.
grading system in Hogwarts School - O; Outstanding, E; Exceeds Expectation, A; Acceptable, P; Poor, D; Dreadful.

the Harry Potter books really are fun to read!!! go on and start reading so next time you read my blog, you wouldn't think that i'm plain crazy! heeee~


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