Thursday, March 31, 2005

wish i was smart..

-and funny, and witty, and charming, and simply brilliant! *sigh* do you think if i could give up my looks, i could get some of those?
well, i think if i could make the exchange, i wouldn't be as witty or smart as i hope i would since i'm not really pretty to begin with and i don't exactly wish to be ugly instead!! *lol!!*
now i'm rambling! gaahhh!!

don't know why i've been having weird dreams lately. must be something i ate - or didn't eat! well honestly, since when did i ever had a normal dream?....
anyways!!!! last night it was something unpleasant. i don't exactly remember what was unpleasant, ahhaha!! but i remember running through a crowd shouting, "i'm cursing!!" ahhahaha!! how idiotic was that? i mean, if i was cursing, why wouldn't i just say the words instead of exclaiming that i was? ahhahaha! idiot.
maybe my dreams screen and cencors those inproper words, yeah? *lol!*

then later i found myself in a different crowd, in some sort of a bar or club listening to a gig! hahha! that was cool! of course, since i'm addicted to a certain band, (not saying their name!! *lol!*) it was them who i saw and "fortunately" meet!! ahhahaha!!
how pathetic is it to actually dream of meeting them?
o well, it was amusing all the same! not going to say that i prefer the life in my dreams - and you'll never hear/read me say that, but i will admit that my dreams were more exciting than my real life. but i still love my real life!! ..however typical and mundane it actually is. =D (take note that i'll eventually get pissed and curse a bit at 'life' but still! better to live than not, yeah?)

so i've been thinking lately.. how if i let my brain tell myself how i feel, it'd be telling me how i actually should be SAD! *sigh* idiotic brain, this is! good thing that i am 87% sagittarius (according to a quiz i did yesterday! *lol*) and take things as they go. and by that, i feel considerably HAPPY! heehee~!
(current thoughts : how danny makes harmonica looked so cooool!!! ahhahha!!)

live, love life!! yeah?
somehow that line seemed to be stuck with me.

okay! gotta take my shower and run along to campus for a bit of errand. later!!


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