Monday, April 04, 2005

hey, rat!

okay. i have about 15 minutes to type this out.
it's been.. not a very good morning.
i had only 4-5 hours of sleep 'coz i was too nervous to rest.
went to Finance around 9 and thank God that there wasn't even a line, so i could finally talk to that finance person man.
so he has un-barred me so i could take the exam but i still can't register for next semester's subject. blaaaah!!
i was rather panicky earlier this morning, but considering the procrastination.. i guess i wasn't panicky enough. heh! you'd thought that with all these worries i would've at least quit the slacking off, yeah? *sigh*
o yeah, while i was talking to that finance person, i found out that he had mastered the art of not picking up a ringing phone! amazing, yeah? he simply ignored the ring and it simply wouldn't stop!

9 minutes..
okay. take note that with this time left, i am going to work on the post for before this one. i actually wrote about it at home but stupidly forgotten to copy it into a disc to post it today! *hits head*
wish me luck for digital animation!! i MIGHT need it. =)


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