Friday, April 01, 2005


mugglenet is EVIL!!
i said earlier to watch your back, and then i just got myself shocked with what's in front of me! roawr!! emerson's a riot. *sigh*

okie! birthday wishes to people who don't exist!
happy birthday Gred and Forge!!!
the sole founders of managable mischieves! it's their fault really, that i've solemnly swear that i am up to no good! hahha!
and also..
happy birthday Sakura Kinomoto!

okay. i'm still barred by the stupid Finance Division, and i've tried calling them. you would've expect them to at least pick it up once in a while, yeah? what's the point of posting your number when you won't pick up?? morons! grrr.
and the line outside their office was reaally long!! and i was there early 10am! how inconvenient! so maybe i'll get my exam slip printed on monday. (d'you think i'll manage?) grrr. MORONIC FINANCE PEOPLE YOUUUU!!!

ps: i'm not as frustrated as i might seem, actually. quite surprisingly cool about it! (despite i didn't get an on-campus residential, didn't get my loan, couldn't pay my fees, barred from printing the exam slip and registering next sem's subjects, having my digital animation paper on monday and not being able to see hanis fly off back to japan.)

such a weird april friday, this is! *giggles*


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