Monday, June 20, 2005

sports week.

the last weekend has been pretty much like an all-sports week for me.
i was catching up to golf, and there's that odd indianapolis F1 race.
both finals was this morning actually, so you have to understand just why my English is bound to be horrible this morn.

Tiger Woods lost to that Michael Campbell(?) person by three shots. quite a nobody, yeah? so happens he has been missing the cut for a couple of years and this year, he even won! i suppose this year's U.S Open was for the 'nobodies' to make their name. 'coz since the 2nd day, Jason Gore has been leading the pack. (i know - who??) by the end of the 4 days, Retief Goosen couldn't manage to defend his title and rest at +8, Gore at +14, Phil Mickelson +12, Woods at 2 over. quite a disappointment, but i guess you could say that the weekend belongs to Michael.

- Schumacher included. but the win was very disappointing. i mean, what's a race with only 6 cars on the track?! pathetic! as much as i like Ferrari to win, winning without a real competition is just SAD. just because of the safety issue about the Michelin tyres. honestly, i don't mind some bumping cars in the race! that's what makes the race more exciting! ekekke!! but it does bother me if Ralf is the one who keeps getting accidents. click here to read more.

i'm sorry if you got bored by the sports talk. to be honest, i'm not really sorry.. i just thought it'd be polite! hihhi. well you know, if you don't like what i write in here.. you can always visit somewhere else!

happy birthday nina!!


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