Monday, July 11, 2005

story of a butterfly.

i saw a butterfly in the Commuter train today.
it flew aimlessly around the coach, but into my direction.
it sways freely from left to right, until it stops at my right arm and sits there.
you would've believed it was trying to tell me something if you saw it, but when i tried to touch it, it flew away and i could no longer find it.
probably it got off at KL Central to catch the Putra train..

pardon the somber entry. not exactly in a brilliant mood though i'm really REALLY eager about HP6.
only 5 days awaaayyyy!!

Wednesday, July 06, 2005


well, a quicky at typing here, but i've written some things for the past couple of days!
sori, merepek sket.

by the way, i've added some new little pictures!
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Kathleen Kelly, you're an inspiration.

for someone who can barely remember the people that has really been an inspiration, i put her at a very high place in the heart. to those who has never heard of Kathleen Kelly, she's actually a character from one of my favorite films, You've Got Mail. i saw it again just now and it pretty much remind me just why i love the film so. i mean, what's not to love? it's about book and bookstores, love, connectivity and communications, and writing emails! hihi. well, i always thought the storyline was beautiful.
if you hadn't seen this film, i truly recommend you fellas to see it. i don't find a reason why anyone should dislike it.

connectivity is a wonderful thing.

so here's a thought, when was the last time you really really connect with someone, for a reason to just get to know them?
[1:42pm - July 5th, 2005]

it's your face again.

(before i start, i'm quite sorry if what i'm about to say had never happened to any of you readers. i do realize that not all people are the same, and the chance to actually find someone who is exactly like me.. well, that's very slim, yeah?)

don't you think it's amazing how strongly you can feel for something or someone?
okay, my situation; it was a certain face of someone i fancy on telly! ekekke! and don't you dare tease me for the incurable crush. anyways, feelings are still feelings - doesn't matter if the person is someone reachable or not, people still feel what they feel, yeah?

now now, moving on. so the last time i saw him was in March - or at least, a footage that was done in March which I kept playing all through my school break! hihi!
so it has been three months and it was really luck that brought me to click the remote control. so there he was...

so here's a thought; don't you think it's just amazing how you could get a surge of gladness inside of you in a second? and i was actually getting 'better' from the crush. ekkeke! what amazes me most was how observant people can be.
'cause i noticed every detail on him. the clothes he wore, and his hair is longer, but still messy! ekkeke!
and i was quickly reminded of last week when i hung out with my "evil twin". it's been so long that i haven't seen her, i couldn't help noticing that we were both wearing a long sleeved black top, blue jeans and sneakers. hehe!

oh well, i know this is such a long story to tell you my point, and the point being; a surge of emotion could do you good every now and then! hihi.

make poverty history!
[1:20am - July 5th, 2005]

"it's amazing what dreams and lots of money can do."

a line Sandra Bullock said to Hugh Grant in Two Weeks Notice. i have to admit how true that is, and just how hard it is to be someone with all the power to materialize those dreams.

i'm sorry if you're a frequent visitor of this blog and probably hoping i'd tell you my daily activities or some wise thoughts - which rarely happen! everything seem to just sprint through my mind and not one thought stayed long enough for me to grasp so i could tell you all about it.

but i do have this to tell - i think i'm pretty much becoming the person i'd like to be. hehe! yes, confused and all. i suppose i'm appreciating myself more these days. more in control of things - or at least, know what i'd like to control! out of five resolutions i wrote down early this year, two of them has already happened. and this one other is pretty much likely to happen! so - yeaaayy! good for me, yeah?

the other two was.. eheh! save up money - which is getting harder since i'm spending more time in KLCC these days. (i ADORE Isetan's supermarket! hihi!) and the last, get my grades up! hohoho! as much as i'd love love love to do that, i think i'd be as much happy if i get to maintain it. (wow, so not me!)

anyways, i have a whole new perspective of life these days and what i'm searching for, what i'm craving for, is exactly what i can't get from the path i'm going through now.
so here - expect to read a chirpier entry once i've changed my path, yah!

make poverty history, folks!
live, love your life! as Plato said, everybody is fighting a harder battle than you do.
[12:59am - July 4th, 2005]

study well and take care fellas!

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