Monday, August 29, 2005

..then Mac said;

"Your interest always fades when I might actually be in the position to return it."
I love JAG! I've always loved JAG, but I keep forgetting to mention it to people. But I have to be honest, just as most of the tv shows I love, I love it for the wrong reasons. So instead of remembering all those law terminologies, I'd remember the cool lines conversed between Harm and Mac. Like I love Ally McBeal when Billy was still around. Those unspeakable tension just excites me. What's going to happen? What's going to happen?
I think if someone really said that line to me, something must be really wrong - with me. I wonder if Harm gets the intensity of that line.

It's been such a long long while since I last post an entry, yeah? So how can I sum up the past month into one reasonably lengthed post? This will probably end up as a sad attempt but I can promise you, I'm going to try hard.
Starting from the most recent ones since I can still remember them:

My father passed me a letter from MMU today (August 25th). In it was an official letter with this scary looking paper 'coz it was red. To summarize it up, the letter was basically to ask me, to tell them if I'm still a student of MMU or I wanted to leave instead. Time's ticking and I only have until next week to inform them. Man, I need to get a job and I've been saying this to myself for months!! I told Rai about what I've decided to really study and he kindly said that I'd be great at it. (Bodek kot?) Dude, I love you but you scared me that night that I almost cried, so I hate you! But seriously, thank you Mr. Azraai Abdul Manaf. (note: I typed his full name here so the rest of his family could find this should they decide to Google him out.)
So I've talked to Muz, I've talked to Rai and they were both very supportive. Even though their support doesn't really make me any braver, but I suppose it's nice to actually know that I've actually done something right when picking my friends. (Although.. I think they were the ones who picked me!) Well, thanks anyways! You guys are the best!! (Especially Azraai! Yeaaah, bodek balek!)

I think I just might be one of those people who's afraid to be a success and so I hide behind my failures because it is the safest thing to do. I'd be hated, with no obligations nor responsabilities. Like guys trying to dump their girlfriends by making her dump him first. Yeah, I can see the book clearly now - Memoirs of a Wuss.

Is there really no way to trade my looks for a bit more brain? Maybe I can lose a bit of hair, I wouldn't mind.

On Wednesday (August 24th) Dida came home from work bearing a surprise.
Dida: Are you coming?
Wanie: Ehh? Where to?
Dida: Go get shower, you smell like tomatoes.
Wanie: It's to repel the skunky smell coming from you.
Okay, seriously the real conversation ended at my "Where to?" 'coz at that moment Dida took out three tickets for the football match between Selangor and Perak at the stadium. Sweet! And all I can think of while in the car on the way to the stadium was; "Can I still curse like a mad woman like I used to?" I was really worried that I had forgotten how.
Turns out, that I still remembered! All thanks to the freakin' refferee and the lousy shots the Selangor players made, and the "amazing" Perak players. I swear, they must've taken some super advance class for acting or something. I must have called out "lembik" (sissy) at least a dozen times that night. Stupid diving tactics. I just hate it when football players act like they were in so much pain when just a moment afterwards they could get up and run happily again. Sheesh!
Despite all those things, watching football in the stadium was excellent! I can barely care about the smokers 'coz I love being surrounded by crazy people who just loves doing Mexican Wave all through half-time. Some people are just so amusing!

The latest music I listen to; I've been following TRL these days since I'm simply comfortable by being a bum, but none of the songs featured was half as amazing as Rossa's new album! If you understand Bahasa Indonesia, you'd simply understand how beautiful her songs are. Simplistic, yet deep. Well, maybe it's just me but I'm really in love with this album. Dida was so crazy about it that a week after she bought the cassette, she went back to the music store to get the CD.

The latest book I read was PS, I Love You by Cecelia Ahern. (Finally!) And it was a really really good book! I suppose it is some sort of a chick-flick, but the whole storyline was amazing. It's amazing how one could truly know the other person. Of course, this may only happen in books - which is why they are simply wonderful! PS, I Love You is about Holly coming to terms to her husband's death.To her surprise, Gerry; the husband, had sent her a parcel of letters to be opened each month with assignments, so she could start moving on with her life. The whole things was sweet. I think I cried about four times all through the book. It's just amazing! And hilarious! My mom thought I was possessed for giggling at 4 o'clock in the morning. So if you like crying as much as you love to laugh, this is the book for you. Really.

Ohh, I do love crying. Once in a while. But my heart isn't as exposed as it used to these days so the book was a real welcome for me. A good reminder that my heart hasn't turned to stone.

As for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, it's not worth mentioning.
It's not even worth the RM100 for a copy.
It was lousy, an upset, and a whole lot of other crummy things. Everything just started all too sudden and ended just as abrupt. Like Harry and "the girl". (I thought how he found out his feelings were just lame!) Ron and "the other girl". (Hah! Don't make me start!) How "the one who died" - died. (Really!!) And suddenly everyone around was snogging each other's faces. What's up with that? As Nina had said to me; "More like a social problem."
Oops. I mentioned it after all.
Well, I think I'm giving Rowling a blessing to work on the final installment for as long as she needs to write the perfect ending now. Take four years, go ahead, I won't whine about. Even if she thinks Harry should die at the final page, I just hope she'd write a super showdown between him with Voldermort or Snape or Bellatrix or the whole Malfoy family or all the Death Eater for all that matter, just as long as it's good and really good.

Right! Dida bought me a new pair of Converse, and I'm adoring it. It's black, white and red. Just excellent! So in six years, I've worn four Converse shoes! My first pair was stolen actually and I still curse the thief everytime I think about it.

McFLY's new album is coming out!! Suppose I'm still into those fellas.

So that's it! Wow, the entry wasn't half as long as I thought it would. Okay, so it is long, but really, not as long as I imagined it. So you pretty people who had been checking this blog out for an update, thanks - although I couldn't understand why you did that.
Dearest Hanis and Dayat, miss you guys so much. I think I have loads of thing to share with you guys. And to my no-longer-evil-twin-because-now-I'm-the-evil-one, I miss lunches with you!! And again to Azraai, my dearest peeve, the earliest person who's been my friend and still is, thanks! You're still as good as I remembered and seems to me those German air doesn't change you bit! Okay, maybe a bit about the hair.

Okay, now why am I all hollering? Because I don't know when is the next time I'll have another post!
So, take care, people!!

Ohh right, fingers crossed!! I have an interview for a job that I'm not so sure what it does tomorrow! hehheh! This is going to be soooo interesting!

PS, Find Langdon.

now seriously,

PS, live, love life!
Selamat Hari Merdeka!

Biar by Rossa

Jangan kau pergi lagi meninggalkanku
Sepi kusendiri
Jangan kau buat aku terbalut sunyi
Kini kau berada dekat denganku

Biar, biarkan aku mengisi ruang dihatimu
Karena ku slalu memikirkanmu mencintamu
Biar, biarkan cinta bersemi didalam hatimu
Jadikanku bahgian dihidupmu, dijiwamu

Ku tak bisa berhenti menginginkanmu
Hidup terasa hampa tanpamu

Biar, biarkan aku mengisi ruang dihatimu
Karena ku slalu memikirkanmu mencintamu
Biar, biarkan cinta bersemi didalam hatimu
Jadikanku bahgian dihidupmu, dijiwamu

Jangan kau buat aku terbalut sunyi
Kini kau berada dekat denganku

Biar, biarkan aku mengisi ruang dihatimu
Jadikan kekasihmu yang setia kepadamu
Biar, biarkan cinta bersemi didalam hatimu
Jadikanku bahgian dihidupmu, dijiwamu.

PPS, I am sorry for the long silence.


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