Wednesday, September 28, 2005


Here's a funny thing, this morning I had no recollection of actually getting to sleep. My father woke me up at noon and I was surprised that my glasses is still on the bridge of my nose. And then I looked beyond my pillow, I found that I didn'e even put the cap of my pen back on. For a moment, I was in awe..

I fell asleep while writing?

Me and my dad just went to the stadium to get this Saturday's football ticket. Really looking forward to seeing the match in Bukit Jalil! Hope that Muz would come around too. hehe!

Okay.. nothing else to say now.
Buat cik Ila, hope everything works out for you! Sorry that I wasn't being too well of a conversationalist. I'm a child of wee morning; I talk better at 4 am than 9. hihi!

Alright people.. take care!!
Selamat maju jaya. *wink!*


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