Wednesday, September 21, 2005

I'm chopping my head off.

Okay, not exactly my head, but my hair, definitely. As pretty as I think I am with long hair, I've turned completely bored with it. I've come to a conclusion to finally butcher my hair off, YEAYYY!! Just wished I had some extra money lying around so I can colour my hair electric pink. Alright, maybe not pink because that would go just horrible with my skin tone - red, then. Electric red, that'd be wonderful!! But of course, I don't have any extra money lying around.

I think my dad is really interested with the things my sister does on her job, but I find Dida pretty much couldn't bother less to actually tell him about it. Hummm..

Talking about jobs, I seriously need to find one. I know I should be busy looking for one, now that I've actually went to a real job interview, but somehow I just got comfortably stuck in front of the telly. I am such a couch potato! Dayat thinks that I should apply for some sort of a show-reviewing job, if there is one. I think there is, but somehow I never saw them advertised. *sigh* That really ought to be the perfect job for me.

By the way, I am so so broke. Just the other day I planned on buying something for Rai because he told me to (I didn't wish him his birthday - yeah, yeah.. I'm a horrible friend, get over it!) But I saw Cecelia Ahern's new book and I bought that for myself instead!! ahhahaha!! I have to be honest here, I really do prefer spending money on myself than doing so on other people. If you think that's a selfish act, well, that's not my problem. (bitchy mode, notice?) Anyways, I was out with 75 Ringgit in my purse that day, and got home with only 10 Ringgit left. I swear, money just fly off when they're with me.
Eh, actually it wasn't my fault that I had that unplanned shop. It was all MPH's fault! Freakin' bookstores are a curse!
Wanie: I thought there's a 20% off?
Cashier Lady: Yes, 20% off if you're an MPH member. Do you have a card?
Wanie: Ohh.. no.
Cashier Lady: Are you still buying?
Wanie: Uh.. OK.

Thus, this whole incident result to a little curse under my breath as I hit my head with my knuckles for spending money so carelessly again - as Dayat laughed on at me. (I'm partly convinced that my friends only loves me for their own entertainment purposes.) Oh right, plus it reminds me just the hell why I preferred Kinokuniya more - NO STUPID MEMBERSHIP STUFF!

I think Cecelia Ahern is obsessed with letters and people who can't spell. Both of her book revolves on that particular subject. Her new book is called Rosie Dunne and it was just as fantastic as her debut novel. I thought the format was a bit confusing, but just as PS, I Love You, the characters she created were simply lovable. Though Rosie Dunne didn't make me cry, I think the ending is just too sad for me to read the book again. Really sad. At least I thought so. Maybe I should give Nina to read it and we'll see if she thinks the same way..

Can't believe that I'll be 21 in a few months. I think if alcohol is actually legal for me, I'd probably drown myself in it on my birthday. (Disclaimer: I don't really want to drink alcohol, please believe me!) I thought it'd be the best way for me to forget that I'll be a year older and yet no where closer to any sort of an achievement. I critically need to put that out of my mind. *sigh*

Dayat told me that her dad actually told her to find a man. I was.. speechless when she said that. (Okay, that's a lie. I'm rarely speechless! The only certain way to make me quiet is to put some guy I have a crush on beside me. So yeah, maybe if Danny is right next to me I'll be totally mute.) I have to say that I was mostly amazed that her father told her that. Maybe because the idea of me getting married would probably kill my dad. Honestly, Nina leaving the house had already broke his heart. (Well, that might be because she's actually the good daughter! ahhahaha!)
Meeting Dayat the other day confirms the theory that I've spent half of my life waiting for the people I care about; wait for them to come pick me up, wait for them to come home, wait for their call, wait for a letter, wait for them to finally say something, wait for them to say sorry, wait for them to finally get there when I've been waiting for forty freakin' minutes!! Dayat was so late that day, I should've charged her 1 Ringgit for every minute she had kept me waiting.
Other than that, she's a great person! So whomever with *cute little nose likes to get to know an almost 21 year old, emotionally immature, incapable of story-telling yet tremendously funny girl, give me a call and I'll set you up on a date! heehee!
(* Dayat likes to look at people's noses, we love her, but she is a little odd. But then again, aren't we all?)

My really old ex called me the other day but I didn't answer.
Polite reason: there's only one bar left on my battery so I'd hate to get cut off in the middle of a conversation.
Honest reason: I just don't want to.
Both of those reasons are true. Sometimes I don't know why I can be so mean. Okay - because I am. Maybe I'll answer his call around next year. I just hope the next time we talk he'll mention about a new lady he met or something like that. I just hate it when a nice boy comes along and wants to be with me 'coz I hate breaking their hearts if I tell them I hate it when people are around too much - they suffocate and a big bore. I hate empty conversations because they're absolutely pointless, and I absolutely hate being silently requested to care more when I simply can't!
So that's the truth. No point of beating around the bushes anymore. Take note!

This is an odd morning. For some reasons I feel like sharing all my thoughts in this entry.
But I'm not going to.

Two football matches to look forward to!!
FA Cup Final, Selangor vs. Perak in Shah Alam Stadium on September 24th and;
Malaysia Cup Final, Perlis vs. Selangor in Bukit Jalil Stadium on October 1st.
ooh~ I hope Selangor will win both!! That's something to see.

Alright, I should write some stuff down in my diary. Later!

This was written at 3:55 am on September 20th, 2005.


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