Wednesday, September 21, 2005

"It'll be you and me up in the tree"

And we'll be swinging around like monkeys.
Pardon me, I'm having a bad mood but I just can't forget Marty Casey's song. I thought it sounded really good. (Marty Casey, one of the five remaining in Rockstar:INXS)

It's 3 o'clock in the morn and I can actually recall two songs with that time in the lyrics. What's with 3 am, anyways? I think I wrote a fine song with "2 am" in it. So maybe that's where I got it wrong.
It's raining outside, and the rest of my family is already asleep. I'm sort of just killing my time typing this out while Northern Ireland versus England on the TV.
I think my life has just turned really boring in one night.
I'm even sorry that Rai called when I was having a bad night. Now I owe him a long email.

So Dida told me that Nina wasn't coming on Friday, so we won't have that family dinner after all. Dida planned on having it at this pretty classy place in Subang - which we had only went once, but I just absolutely adore! Well, I adore it because I love the food - steak!! I absolutely love meat! Don't know what I'd do if I had to go on a strict no-meat diet. Anyways, the last time we went was on Papa's birthday, and since then I've been dreaming of coming there again! So I was really excited when Dida told me earlier this week that we'll be having dinner there again. But now Nina has cancelled.. I can practically see a cow running off excitedly knowing that he's got another day to live. Damn lucky cow.

This has been the longest duration I've been in a writer's block, and I'm getting more pissed with myself.
I'd usually have really smooth writing or I won't start at all! This is really.. hard and frustrating. I suppose there is a difference between the pressure I'm in right now and the last time I really wrote anything. Trying to write something good after reading PS,I Love You is so freakin' hard!! Really. And Cecelia Ahern was 22. So she's the Ireland prime minister's daughter, but I'm coming to 21 and I've achieved absolutely nothing!!
Except if there's anyone who thinks having three boyfriends that lasted for no longer than three months, and one of them didn't even last 24 hours is an achievement! (Who am I kidding? Less than 24 hours WAS an achievement! I can practically hear my friends laughing at the story again.)

Okay, I know. Life is not all HA-HA everyday, but I'm really really frustrated here!
Damn, Owen wasted Gerrard's pass and practically gave N. Ireland's keeper the ball!
So.. 20 years and 9 months just made me realize.. that I can really laugh at almost everything that went wrong in my life. And I do realize that I keep thinking that everything will somehow turn out fine for me. (I know, an idiotic idea! I'm practically gambling with life.) I realize that sometimes I am too "honest" for my own good - just the other day I said to my mom that it's probably best that I get terminally ill so I won't have to worry about money. She doesn't think it was funny and started to nag. And now I'm really convinced that I have a serious commitment issue. Really; my dear Atuk in Form 2, MMU, those people I know from there, ohh, and Arep.

I know I've been talking a lot about him, but I think he's a great reminder of what sort of a person I am.
The fact that I know he'll be around if I needed him, pretty much bores my thoughts. (Maybe I should tell him that?) Actually, every man that walks into my life and shows a little more potential than the others turns out to bore me. And I know how getting together with someone just for the sake of getting together feels, so even though I can be mean, let's not go there again. Somehow, rather than looking for some security, the picture of certainty freaks me out. You may think that I've been burned by love, but not really! Admitting to that would be a lie. I can laugh off at every single unsuccessful relationships I've had easily since I know exactly what I did wrong. So! This concludes that commitment does scare some people.
I can't write, I can't study, no jobs (yet!), I can't fall in love with a real person, I have no money, now really!!
How can I still laugh at those facts when I should be praying for that terminal illness to finally kick in so my life would be "complete".

Ohh, my job update: I turned that last one down. I think if I'm going to have to walk around places, I better have a camera man following me around like those people in Globe Trekker. But right now I'd probably should look for a job that doesn't tire me out so much. But I have to say, that was the sweetest experience I've ever had!

JAG's final episode of the season sucked!! Can't believe they let it just hang there. At least I was expecting a hanging finish for Lost, but JAG?? JAG's was worst!

Did I mention that I went to see Selangor versus Penang last Saturday? It was upsetting, despite that they won.
Selangor's fans sucked!!!
Can't believe that I sat around those people. Really disappointing. They were like monkeys coming out of the woods, only monkeys were better. I think they behaved more like moronic bastards. (pardon the languange.) Selangor managed the second goal, so what did they do?
- They jumped on their seats with the sole purpose of smashing it so they could throw it into the tracks.
So tell me, how can't I stop cheering and shout at them instead? You see, drinks flying I can handle. Vandalism in front of my face? That's too much! I love my freakin' state, and especially my boring city of Shah Alam.
Damn, and Northern Ireland just goaled.
So when this Indons (yes, Indons - probably just rooting for that Aiboy and Bambang fella) started bashing at the seats, I just felt the sudden urge to kick their faces. But then, you know.. starting a fight is just as bad as vandalising so I just shout my head off through the cheer, which they heard and then stopped bashing. Which was great, or I wouldn't be able to keep my hands by my side any longer.
So later Dida said that she got worried for me when I shouted at those men. She said bad things might have happened if they carried a weapon of some sort. You never know, she claimed. Now that I think of it, it would be okay if shouting at those morons were the last thing I do. Honestly, I wouldn't mind.

I hate bad moods. It just made me remember of all the bad things that has happened in the past week. Lousy lousy feeling.
I miss McFLY. The Store Lady reckons that the CD will only be available in two weeks since it's not released in Malaysia yet. I hate that.
McFLY sort of reminds me of Will Young. He won the Pop Idol in the UK, yet it was Gareth Gates that got to go on tour. (Gareth Gates got second place.) McFLY won the Brits Award last year, yet most of the people here didn't know who they were until I started talking too much of them - and yet, you people must've heard of Rooster by yourself.
I think I'm the sort of person who'd talk about something excessively until other people started to talk about it too, because I'm thinking about Good Charlotte. I used to talk about them just as much as I talk about McFLY these days, and then they got more famous and you start to listen their songs playing on the radio and I just stop talking about them.
God, I hope I won't shut up about McFLY anytime soon! I kinda like the fact that I'm the only one crazy for them in Klang Valley right now. Hehe!

Now I'm wondering, do you think by reading my blog made you know me a little better?

This was written at 4:29 am on September 8th, 2005.


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