Wednesday, September 28, 2005


Selangor won! Selangor won! Selangor won!!
They were fantastic!! The fans were fantastic!! I am so darn lucky to grow up in Shah Alam and heck proud of it too!!
(I sort of promised to cut down cursing if they won, though. It was a little bit of a blur.. the ball was so close to Selangor's side and I got so worried so words somehow jumbled through my mind, "Oh God, if you make them miss the goal I'd stop cursing so much," and Perak did! So I better cut it down a notch. hehe! Call me religious. ekekkeke!!)

The experience was AMAZING. Honestly, you can't get any better football experience than being among the 80 000 Selangor and Perak supporters. Just amazing!!

The only downside to it was getting to the stadium. Me, Dida and our dad went out at 7:15 pm (the match starts at 8:45 pm) so we thought that should be early enough to get a good parking space and seats. *big laugh here!* We were SO wrong! The traffic was horrible so we parked like.. 8 minutes away from the stadium - if you walk slowly - which we didn't! We walked in a really fast pace, and once we got to the stadium we walked a little more to the other side which me and Dida like to call as "Selangor fanatics' side". (It's usually where the drumming sound comes from.) Anyways, once we got to that side we just couldn't see any empty seats, except for the ones at the top most section!! Suppose everyone had came in as early as 6 pm. So there we were, sweating like pigs.. panting like crazy.. wheezing like asthmatics.. climbing up those stairs and finally settled at the 84th row! 84TH!!!
And now you might think that we wouldn't shout crazy at those height.
You would be very wrong.

I'm now convinced that I shall never bring a future spouse to come along when I watch football. It's a very ugly sight. I shouted words that had never passed my lips ever before! I blamed the tension. I was really tensed coming to the match. I always worry whenever Selangor plays Perak, and last Saturday was the worst.
But from Saturday's match, it was clear that Selangor was the better team. The two had the same amount of matches since the past month, but they seemed more resilient. Both teams seemed tired at the second half but hey, Selangor won! I was only joking when I told Dida that Selangor should score 4 goals to ensure a win, never thought that they could really score four goals! We were really tired, shouting, jumping and screaming - plus flag waving, but it was all worth it. All thanks to our imported strikers; Indonesian Bambang and Elie Aiboy plus Argentinian Fuentes. (Fuentes is my favourite player right now despite that he missed to score a goal after a bad finish that night.)
Great times.

So the match ended around 10:50 pm but we only got home at 2 am! Okay, we did went for a bite at A&W (PJ) but the traffic coming out from the stadium was terrible. Must've spent like one and a half our in the jam, but it was amusing! At one point we were side by side with a bus packed with Perak supporters and they seemed really cool. They did some signs with their hands but NOT rude ones, so I kinda like them! (Oh well, I can't really hate people from Perak now, can I? My mom IS after all from Tapah Road.) Oh, I do love Perak supporters. They were good sport!

So now, Monday morning. I'm still nursing my slightly hoarse voice.
Today's goal: get out of bed, shower, look through classifieds, continue writing the letter for Azraai, get a move on project, meet up with Muz in Central.

Looking forward to the MALAYSIA CUP!!
Selangor vs. Perlis on October 1st, 2005 at Bukit Jalil Stadium.

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