Wednesday, September 21, 2005


It's almost 6 am and I can't sleep!
For some reasons, I just can't stop worrying about my birthday.
My birthday!! Which is in DECEMBER!!
My freakin' birhday!!!
Damn, "worry" must be my natural instinct these days.
*grunt in distress*

I know it's September, and definitely too late to change my resolution, but I've got half of this year's done so I decide to make a new one.. like an update, version 1.1 of this year's resolution:

Original resolution as exactly written in my diary
1. get my grades up!! - which we all know now how impossible that is.
2. be totally independent 'coz other people sux!! hahhaha. - I'm not exactly 'totally independent' but I'm perfectly fine going out and do things by myself, so that's half done.
3. get plenty of ME time - managed that.
4. save up money. - failed that, some things are just not meant to be.
5. not to get mixed up in stupid depressing things. - passed that with flying colours! I actually manage to be depressed-free this year! (up to this moment at least!)

New resolution
1. find a job that I'd be willing to stay for 3 months.
2. decide studies options.
3. achieve number 1 and 2 before I turn 21.
4. write 300 200 pages of current idea/project.
5. not getting stressed out on my birthday.

Writing is going okay these couple of days. Muz and Dayat gave positive response when I showed them my early "draft", but I don't think I'll show them to my family members YET because they speak better English and I HATE getting corrected for my lousy grammar. I've finally figured out what the story is about. I'm dreaming about being interviewed, HA-HA! I feel like pissing, somehow I'm getting more jittery.
It's cold, I'm going to piss now.

This was written at 5:51 am on September 21st, 2005.


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