Thursday, October 06, 2005

And here's my question for the day;
why does boyfriends doesn't seem to get along too well rather than girlfriends?
I'm talking about real boyfriends, and not a boy who happens to be a friend. I watched Friends on Star World today and it's that episode when Ross and Mike tried to hang out but ended up having awkward silence.

So! Looking through experience, I've never really saw my friends' boyfriends get along. They mostly kept quiet around each other. What's that all about? Some challenge for the ego? I don't mean it the bad way, I'm just voicing out my curiosity. All I know, they CAN be friends if they were in fact buddies to start of with.
Girlfriends can be pals with other girlfriends, and girlfriends CAN be friends with other boyfriends. I know I handled myself just fine around my friends' boyfriends. (Can't blame me if someone liked my eyes. ekkekeke!! *that was an inside joke that I don't expect all of you to understand*)

Muz gets along with her sister's boyfriends, which I think is a blessing for the sister, since my sisters simply hated the boys I liked through the years.. well, all except one but I shouldn't say his name now. (I'm letting your imagination run free! ekekke!) I got along fine with Abg Min when he was dating Nina, and I get along great with Zul. (Hanis') But of course, Zul is great 'coz I can team up with him to tease Hanis! ekkekeke!!
Humm.. now I'm starting to think that my friends just dislikes all the guys I liked, because I don't think Rai would like my choices either. WHAT'S WRONG WITH MY TASTE??!

Or maybe they think that I'm just too good for those guys.. ekkekekeke!!

Anyways, other than that.. I've been noticing lately that "girls" these days like to go out with their boyfriend plus a girl friend that tags them along. Now, why is that? I really have nothing against that, but I must've seen three pairs of that the last time I went to the mall. Muz smartly said, "maybe because there are more girls than boys," well.. yeah! But.. three pairs in one day??
Ohh, but that day I did saw Kaer (AF2) with a girl and another boy. Hihi! I definitely have nothing against that. Two guys and a girl, I've always liked. Hihi! (Btw, Kaer was such a smart dresser! And tall.. and cute!)

I'm going off the subject.
I don't expect to get answers anyways.. Just wanted to wonder aloud about the things I've seen the last couple of days.
Me English bad. Head function not. Itch, mosquitoes bite and sleep not enough. Well, I just don't feel like proof-reading for this post.

This was written at 4:32 am on October 5th, 2005.
I'm definitely a child of the night. No, a child of wee morning.


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