Sunday, October 30, 2005

Definitely pooped!

I shall refrain myself from going any farther than ten feet from my house's door.. for at least this next two days!

Wasn't planning on going out today, but Mama bribed me by saying that she'll buy me something if I come along. So we all end up going out for a last minute shop before the Deevali/Eid Mubarak this coming Tuesday and Thursday.

We went to Midvalley and pretty much looked around for something nice to buy. Mama bought me a pinstriped pants (which I've always wanted!!) while she and Dida bought some Raya panties. ahahhahaha!! (Dida went hysterical that I'm posting this!)
We also went to check the Real Rewards store since Papa wants to see if there was anything worth to redeem with our fourteen thousand points but Dida reckoned that we should wait out and collect a lil' bit more points for the microwave. hehe!
(boring details, I know.)

We also checked out Kompleks PKNS and Plaza Shah Alam - which were horribly packed! A bit surprising, but of course I've never really shopped around Shah Alam in mid-festivities.

So! 6 hours spent outside has just left me feeling extremely tired!! I better get some lie down or I'd fall off this sofa.
Goodnight, pretty people!

Ohh right, by the end of the day Dida bought a new sofa for home - this sofa!


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