Friday, October 21, 2005

Wish I wasn't insomniac.

As always, I am left alone in a darkened home where everyone's sound asleep.
Maybe I should get something that can help me sleep - but NO pills. I don't trust myself with pills, or sharp things, or anything big and heavy.

So bored right now, so I'm looking around a dream interpretation site to make a little sense of the dream I had last week.
The dream was scary and silly at the same time. Maybe I shouldn't say anything about it, but I'm going to because maybe talking about it may lessen the scariness of it all.
The dream: I was in a beautiful, huge castle, and I went up the stairs and came to a weird sort of room 'coz everyone there was in their beds and looked sick. To make things short, those people then floated above their beds and the wind was blowing hard and I jogged up on someone by saying; "eh, Mr Satan, does that mean I can leave?"
*sigh* Who am I kidding. The dream is still scary to think about! Even the site I'm in isn't saying anything about satan or devils. bluerrghh. I shall not reveal the ending to that dream, it's even scarier.

See! I ought to be sleeping rather than scaring myself this way!!!


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